Unclog Your New Patient Pipeline to 2X Your Growth

Just for dentists and practice leaders: Join the free webinar from SMC and Mango Voice to learn how to clear obstacles in your marketing and operations so you can 2X your new patients in 2024.

Don’t Let Marketing and Operational Barriers Block Your Growth

Even the best dental marketing campaign will fail if your practice isn’t ready for it. And some of the most common pitfalls involve your front desk, like missed calls, scheduling, and poor analytics. Think of these as a clog in your new patient pipeline — and then join this free webinar to learn how to fix the clog so you can 2X your new patient growth in 2024.

Meet Your Teachers: Gary Bird and Richard May

Together, they understand how marketing and operations can make or break growth for dentists.

Gary Bird

Gary Bird | Founder

Richard May - Mango

Richard May | Director of Partnerships

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Sign up for free to learn how to:

  • See how a winning marketing pipeline works. Get clear on each step of a successful marketing and sales strategy.
  • Solve top clogs that block growth. Learn what clogs your growth pipeline and how to fix it.
  • Get the right data. Stop guessing and start making smart growth decisions.
  • Use automation to remove obstacles. Give your existing team the ability to do more.
  • Incorporate the latest tech. Understand the most powerful tools at your disposal.

After watching this webinar, you’ll be ready to 2X your growth:

  • Stop wasting potential patients and marketing dollars.
  • Lower your per-patient acquisition costs.
  • Get more value out of your current growth budget.