Dentists, Here’s How to 2x Your Top Line Revenue

Watch this free webinar from SMC and Patient Prism to learn how to use AI, optimized marketing, and smarter sales strategies to double your new patient growth.

  • Find and fix huge gaps in your new patient journey
  • Add AI for stronger patient conversion
  • 2x your new patient growth

Most dentists spend way too much to acquire each new patient

Do you know how many new patient opportunities you’re missing out on each day? If you’re like most dentists, the answer will shock you. The average dental practice loses up to 80% of potential patients through a combination of unanswered phone calls, poor phone conversion, and scheduling problems — which means that $8 out of every $10 spent on marketing is wasted.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be like the average dental practice any longer. By using smarter tactics and powerful tools like AI to fix the holes in your new patient journey, you’ll double your conversion rates to create twice as many new patients from your current marketing spend.

Meet your teachers

Gary Bird & Amol Nirgudkar

They know how to help dentists stop wasting marketing dollars and generate more new patients at a lower cost per patient.

Gary Bird

Gary Bird | Founder


Amol Nirgudkar | CEO

Patient Prism

“Gary Bird and his team at SMC are dental marketing geniuses with a deep understanding of the complexities dentists face.”

— Amber Nish
Executive Marketing Coach OF DEO

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  • Double your new patient revenue for the same marketing spend. Fix the holes in your new patient journey and watch your growth skyrocket. 
  • Stop losing money to poor phone conversion. Missed calls and low conversion rates don’t have to keep wrecking your results.
  • Add AI-powered insights to your team. Optimize your entire funnel.
  • Supercharge your sales. Close more cases in the room.

After watching this webinar, you’ll be ready to 2x your revenue without spending more on marketing

  • Make smarter growth decisions.
  • Convert more patients at every step of your patient journey.
  • Get more value out of every dollar you spend on growth.

“Gary has been one of the most genuine thought leaders that I’ve come across in our industry. He’s always looking to add value and do right by his customers. We’ve been happy to refer people to him because we know they will be treated exactly how we would treat them.”

— Darin Acopan

“I've had the opportunity to work with Gary over the past couple of years and I've been repeatedly impressed with his abilities and his work. Gary's professionalism and desire to elevate others are accentuated by his strong communication skills. He demonstrates sound judgment and instincts, even when he's dealing with complex scenarios. Well known as a "marketing genius," Gary is also an avid learner and active participant in continuous advancement and development. I strongly and often recommend Gary Bird.”

— Chelsea Myers

“Gary Bird is a true master of marketing and a great student of dentistry. He understands the inner workings of a dental office and that makes him uniquely qualified to solve patient acquisition challenges. When you talk to Gary for the first time, you might think you are talking to a dentist or a senior dental executive.”

— Amol Nirgudkar

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